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Getting Ahead of the CX Curve

How this will benefit your audience:

  • “In 2020, Customer Experience will take over price and product as the key brand differentiator!”

The customer experience (CX) is your customers’ perception of how your company makes them feel. The way you make people feel drives their behavior and creates memories that can either be AMAZING, or…not so amazing! You already know the importance of improving your customer experience; you also know that it is easier said than done! Understanding Customer Experience (CX) design can sometimes feel completely overwhelming. Crystal takes the guesswork out of where to start and inspires you to take action when you need it most! She shares real actionable strategies that you can implement today to get ahead of the customer experience (CX) curve!


Audiences that will benefit:

  • Summits, conferences and associations focused on marketing, human resources, sales,  leadership skills, women in leadership, educators, realtors, entrepreneurs, small-med business owners and professionals
  • Organizations and individuals looking to accelerate business growth
  • Growth mindset organizations, committed to continuous improvement and innovation
  • Organizations struggling with getting the details right
  • Organizations with a dedicated focus on cultivating a culture of success from the inside out!

Your audience will learn:

  • Key elements of the Customer Experience (CX) & Design thinking methodology
  • The framework needed to start the Customer Experience (CX) Design process
  • How customer-centric organizations will drive competitive advantage
  • Customer Experience (CX) strategies you can implement NOW that will drastically improve CX and Profitability In just 12 months
  • How to avoid costly pitfalls
  • How innovative Customer Experience (CX) technologies can boost business results upwards of 20% in just 12 months
  • And more…
Can be delivered as:
Keynote, Breakout sessions, Virtual Presentation, Lunch and Learn, Full Day Workshop

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