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X-Factor = EXTRA: Engineering Xperiences Takes Real Action

How this will benefit your audience:

  • 80% of CEOs believe they deliver an outstanding customer experience, yet only 8% of their customers agree. The keyword here is OUTSTANDING. Customers’ needs, wants and expectations are constantly changing and it’s up to us to consistently be sharpening our skills, looking for opportunities, and increasing our service standards

Globally 96% of customers confirm that the service they receive dictates their willingness to stay loyal to the brand. Keeping customers loyal takes a little bit EXTRA!

Using the EXTRA Method, front line teams and leaders can create, practice, and cultivate service at the highest standards. It allows you to take action and see opportunities that you and the customer didn’t even realize existed!


Audiences that will benefit:

  • Business owners, senior-level managers, sales professionals, and key contributors to business operations and frontline teams.
    • Summits, Conferences, and Associations focused on advancing leadership skills, women in leadership, entrepreneurs, small-medium business owners, and sales professionals
    • Organizations and individuals looking to accelerate business growth
    • Leadership teams challenged with customer retention
    • Organizations looking to craft a customer loyalty program
    • Human resources, organizational development, and training professionals

Your audience will learn:

  • The EXTRA Method
  • What is takes to create a benchmark of service excellence and why it’s important
  • The impact both internal and external service can have on your profitability
  • What KPIs are important and which are not!
  • How to implement the EXTRA method in your organization
Can be delivered as:
Keynote, Breakout Sessions, Virtual Presentations, Lunch and Learn, Full Day Workshop

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