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What We Do

The Inside View Inc. provides accurate, evidence-based client interaction details, allowing company decision makers to experience their business as their clients would.

We are your Inside View that analyzes all facets of your company to ensure your clients are getting the Customer Experience (CX) they’ve come to expect. Using different analytical methods and the latest technology, The Inside View team gathers information regarding your sales force and how your brand is being represented.

We are here to strengthen your business – to provide peace of mind that your sales and service force is representing your brand and increasing profitability with the same passion, enthusiasm and integrity as you and your stakeholders would expect.

Customer Shopping Experience

But, that’s not all…The Inside View develops professionals. As leaders and pioneers in our industry, we evaluate and coach the CX, ensuring your clients are receiving the service and salesmanship your company was built on. We coach you on how to deliver the information to your team and praise them for a job well done! The genuine praise and respect for your front line cultivates a culture of success.  We help organizations make a shift in their focus and recognize that delivering great customer experiences is the responsibility of the entire organization,  not just one department (customer service). Every department, more importantly, every team member plays a significant role in how customers interact with the brand and they all have the responsibility to take a leadership role in delivering exceptional CX that will make the difference between YOUR organization and your competition. We allow you and YOUR TEAM to be able to see this from the INSIDE!

We work with clients worldwide, from Australia, India, Europe, and most commonly here in North America. No matter where you are located, we have the ability, capability and people power to flawlessly and effortlessly service your business. We haven’t worked outside of planet earth yet, but we are working on it! Our clients have 10-100,000 employees across various industries including real estate, home building, restaurants, retail, healthcare, e-commerce, airlines, hotels, spas, events and experience-based companies… even governments are making an effort to get The Inside View.

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