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Fatal Mistakes

Have you been conducting survey’s and mystery shop’s and think you have an understanding of the Customer Experience (CX)? Think again…

There are 10 FATAL MISTAKES businesses make that can cost organizations thousands in net profit!




The Inside View ADVANTAGE

Rely on subjective survey results to coach people on real life behaviours 

Behaviours cause statistics, and what better way to coach behaviours than to really see them. Survey results will only tell you what you ask for, but often there are factors that affect the customer experience that are not listed as one of the key questions on surveys. This bias will negatively effect your perception of the truth in your customer experience.

We give you an objective reality of how your customer is experiencing your business and why they made the decisions they did (to buy or not to buy, to refer or not to refer, to come again or not to come again.)

Use mystery shops to catch your team messing up

Focusing on the negative fosters a negative culture. Showing your team a result without connecting it to a physical behaviour is challenging to coach and to improve the actual behaviour.

Athletes don’t just look at results, they watch their performance. The Inside View takes this analogy to the business world – it’s necessary to watch the performance of your team to improve but also praise.

Training but not evaluating

Without evaluating the training that’s been done, how do you know if your team’s behavior truly changed? From another angle, who evaluates how the training is done? If the information is not being relayed effectively, then that has its own challenges.

We are absolute advocates for training and development. We look deeper at the issues and find real ways to evaluate and coach effectively.

Not publicly recognizing your sales and service team.

You may not need a PhD to be in Sales or Service; however, understanding the art of communication, how to use critical sales techniques at crucial moments during the experience, and how to create moments of exceptional client experiences is a talent that many people could not even attempt to do. Your people need to be appreciated. Thank them!!

We help you to realize that the more you praise your employees, the more you cultivate a culture of success.

Cutting the training budget.

When companies are looking to trim the fat, training always seems to be the first thing to go. Assuming your staff has sales or service experience and “they learned it all with the last trainer” to justify that they don’t need further training is dangerous thinking. When company morale is low – that’s when training, development and motivation is most necessary.

Ask any great athlete or professional and they will tell you they didn’t get there alone. Through coaching, they were able to achieve exceptional milestones. Coaching is an absolute necessity in the workplace.

Not Analyzing the FULL customer experience: Online, phone, and on-site

The way people BUY today is FAST and constantly changing. The person on the other end of the web experience or phone experience needs to be TOP NOTCH, they need to create such an engaging experience that the client wants to continue the experience.

With The Inside View, your business is NOT evaluated by random “mystery shoppers.” It’s evaluated by your REAL customers – qualified and well-trained people who would actually use your product or service.

Hired quick, because you were in NEED?

You can instruct your team to think outside the box, and you can give them a few examples of how to get creative with clients to make the experience exceptional; however, the bottom line is if they aren’t dedicated sales professionals to start with and don’t have a growth mindset, you will be instructing their every move. Very tiresome!

We help you foster a culture of individuals who are mission-focused with a mindset on growth. It ultimately creates an upgraded customer experience, an engaging work environment and profitable productivity.

Think you already have a great company culture because you surveyed your team “confidentially?” Yeah, right!

Everyone knows there is no such thing as a confidential survey in an office environment. Although companies try to keep it confidential, the answers give people away. So, the chances of getting real honest genuine feedback are slim to none. No one wants to put their job and their family’s well-being on the line for a survey. Would you? 

We engage your team by creating ownership of their personal performance. The culture we create amongst your company – in all departments – helps engage everyone and build morale in the simplest form.

Think that your frontline workers and your office personnel all “get along”? Think again!

It’s a common battle between frontline teams and office teams that the frontline has it easy. Vice versa, the front line may not always see how challenging the office responsibilities are. Creating a mutual respect amongst both teams is no easy task and many organizations don’t even know they have a problem, but THEY DO.

The Inside View will help strengthen your business – not just for the customer, but also internally for employee satisfaction. We really do see your business from every angle!

Assuming a quiet customer is a happy customer – this can be the most fatal mistake of all!

Too often, companies assume that because they are not getting negative feedback that their clients are happy. Yet, so often we see a complete disregard for the customer experience and clients don’t say a peep…To YOU, but you can bet that they most definitely talk about the experience to others and in social media.

We help to create a culture where your customers want to share the out-of-the-box positive experience. No two customers are the same and experiences get better and better when your team starts to see opportunities where they can create magical moments for people! 


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