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Seeing Your Business From Every Angle

How We Do It

The Inside View has many years in the industry and knows how to observe your business from multiple angles.

What are we looking for and how does it help the client?


If those in charge praise hard, they can coach harder – The Inside View will help you perfect your employees’ performance and develop “athletes” in your industry who will give your customers the ultimate experience.

  • The Inside View will provide you with accurate, evidence-based client interaction details – not just surveys and reports where you dictate the questions. We provide real pictures and video, allowing you to get an “Inside View” of your business and experience it as your customers would.
  • Our Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) gives individual employees tangible tools needed to transform and improve. We don’t just provide a score, we offer real feedback through PICTURES  and VIDEOS! Our client are then coached on how to work with their team to complete this transformation.
  • Our CXA are based on emotions – YES, EMOTIONS! And it’s crucial!
    How did your customer service make your customer feel? Did it make them want to buy your product or service? Did it make them want to buy more or less of your product?
  • We also pay special attention to “Coachable Moments” in which the Sales or Service professionals could be made to feel SIGNIFICANT in what they do.  This human need is critical in cultivating a culture of success in organizations, and we have developed a strong strategy around this form of praise. 
  • Our team is trained to observe things that surveys and typical mystery shops can’t, such as how employees/customers are reacting, especially to sight, sounds, smells, temperature, time lapsed, etc.

This edge is what The Inside View believes is the difference between employees and PASSIONATE, ENGAGED, PROFESSIONAL corporate athletes.

It's time to get an INSIDE VIEW of your business!

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