CX Analysis

What is it? A formula? A secret code?  It is a customer experience inside view. It is crucial to any future goal setting and benchmarking. Based on the needs of our clients, we can provide a combination of feedback, using a variety of communication tools and options we discuss at our first meeting.

The Inside View provides accurate, evidence-based client interaction details that allow company decision makers to experience their business as their client swould. We conduct 365-degree Customer Experience Shops (CXShop), better known as Mystery Shopping for your business.

Industries known to benefit, experience value and are passionate about leadership development, employee engagement and customer experience are: 

  • ‍Retailers
  • Restaurant
  • Hotels/Hospitality
  • Airlines/Travel/Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Home Builders/Trades
  • Experiences/Concerts/Sporting
  • E-Commerce
  • Government/Education

Our CX tools are developed to strengthen your business, provide peace of mind that your sales and service is representing the brand and increasing profitability.Passion, enthusiasm, and service excellence are all documented as well as a potential training plan to take it to the next level.

Our goal - to catch your team getting it right!

We are committed to taking a different approach to typical Mystery Shoppers. Our intention is to build confidence and pride in frontline staff that service customers. By catching them “getting it right” we can actively practice CPR - Consistent Positive Reinforcement! Our robust multimedia reporting system allows organizational leaders to analyze specific behaviours of the front-line staff that directly impact profitability in a positive way!  

  • What is one staff member doing that others should adopt?
  • How does that affect the Employee?
  • How does that affect the Customer Experience?
  • How does that affect the bottom line revenue?

These are all critical questions to ask when designing an outstanding Customer Experience. Our CXShops give organizations a bench mark on their current level of service. The Inside View develops professionals. As leaders and pioneers in our industry, we evaluate and coach the CX, ensuring your clients are receiving the service and salesmanship your company was built on. We coach you on how to deliver the information to your team and praise them for a job well done! The genuine praise and respect for your front line cultivates a culture of success. We help organizations make a shift in their focus and recognize that delivering great customer experiences is the responsibility of the entire organization, not just one department. The Inside View offers in-depth support designing leadership coaching skills, employee engagement, and customer experience around the results found from the CXShop.

Every department and, more importantly, every team member plays a significant role in how customers interact with the brand and they all have the responsibility to take a leadership role in delivering exceptional CX that will make the difference between your organization and your competition. We allow you and your team to be able to see this from the INSIDE!

This edge is what The Inside View believes is the difference between employees and passionate, engaged, professional experience engineers.

"Your EX and CX need to be carefully designed; the same way Panina Torne deigns a Wedding gown. When you put that wedding gown on your employee or customer, do they light up with JOY? Do they have an Emotional Connection? Are they saying YES to the Dress?"

Crystal D'Cunha

Our CX Shops Methodology

If those in charge praise hard, they can coach harder!
The Inside View will help you perfect your employees’ performance and develop “athletes” in your industry who will give your customers the ultimate experience.

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