Keynote Speaker

Crystal delivers customized keynotes on leadership, employee engagement, customer experience, sales leadership, business development, journey mapping, experience innovations, and women’s leadership to an audience of raving fans. She has spoken internationally to large corporations, and small to medium sized organizations as well as emceed many events. Her deep engagement with the Customer Experience Professionals Association, the Customer Service Professional Network, and the Canadian Professional Sales Association give her cutting- edge insight to the world around her on an international scale.

She has aligned herself with leaders from:

As a professional speaker, Crystal can capture the mission of your meeting and is able to drive it home to your audience in a short period of time.

In order to capture this essence, Crystal spends time researching your industry, getting in the field and understanding issues that your audience is facing. Crystal then compiles her research and customizes a presentation just for you! Crystal is best known for her ability to engage spirited results when she takes the stage. By using humour, technology, and getting the audience involved, she is sure to inspire your audience.

If you are reading this, you are mostly likely on the hunt for the perfect speaker or emcee.

When selecting the perfect speaker or emcee for your next event, select a speaker that connects with your organization on a personal level and understands human behaviour. The dynamics of every event is unique, and a cookie cutter approach will not fit everyone; you want to teach and inspire your audience, so they will feel energized to move forward. Look for a speaker or emcee who is authentic, intentional, and an expert in the people industry! Someone who understands the speed of business today, and who can propel your audience into an experience they will learn from. You need a speaker or emcee who will ignite a fire in your leaders and excite your employees so that you can delight your customers into being loyal for life.

You need a speaker or emcee who can engage spirited results for your event, and that is what Crystal D’Cunha does best. Voila!

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As a creative MC, with a personalized approach, she keeps a large crowd laughing and fully engaged! No matter how big or small her audience is, Crystal is a confident speaker who has cutting edge knowledge of her industry and is dedicated to her craft and her community.
Tony Alfieri, President of the Niagara Home Builders, Owner of Windrushhill Construction
Crystal is a dynamic speaker that can engage any audience. she is a "must have" on our speaker list! I highlyrecommend Crystal for her coaching, training and speaking engagements!
Marisa Brown, Career Curriculum Specialist at Brock University

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Training Built On Experience

Total Immersion Training

The Inside View targets gaps in employee knowledge, without repeating concepts that have already been mastered. We thrive oncreating habits of excellence for you and your team. By understanding the science of human behavior, we align our training with the questions, cravings, and rewards paralleled with getting the best results. We do this by immersing you in experience design!

Custom Designed Experiences

Cookie Cutter presentations are a NO-GO with us! We design programs for your business, from custom t-shirts to themed lunches, we design an experience for you and your team.

Big Bang for Your Buck

Crystal D’Cunha has a PhD in people skills. She is able to hand-select the tools and technique that will suit your business needs best. Tangible tools and systems that would cost you thousands of dollars to purchase on your own are inclusive of The Inside View’s training methodology. We are affiliated with many companies in the sales and CX industry and for that reason we are able to provide you with outstanding value for your hard-earned dollar.

"Consumers are not logical, they are emotional. Engaging them with you and your brand is no different than asking someone to “put a ring on it!” They need to LOVE and TRUST you!"

Crystal D'Cunha


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Team Building

Team bonding activities create an energy amongst your team that is priceless! After engaging in activities together, employees and their leaders better understand each other on a personal and professional level. It builds trust, loyalty and employee engagement. It encourages them to problem solve and work together to achieve common goals!  This is a connection that organizations crave because leaders realize that teamwork is the backbone of any business!

Custom Designed Experiences just for you and your team!

Sure you can book a day trip to a number of different venues worldwide, but Delight is in the Details! Let the INSIDE view custom design every element of your team building experience, from invitations and name tags to transportation to and from. A team that breaks bread together has fun together so we pay special attention to creating a great menu just for your team! Your Inside Agent will Debrief your team on lessons learned, and of course, you will get a great take-away gift!

The delight for your team is in the details!

Our typical local events start in the $2500-$15,000 range. We are happy to be flexible with you and work within your budget, after all, what better thing to invest in, than your team! We are also happy to work with Not-for-profits and charitable organizations at an exclusive rate.


Our team building events are:

  • Fun and customized every time! No cookie cutter experiences. We work with your leaders to carefully design every element of the experience.
  • Your team leaves energized, confident and depending on the event, they would be covered in mud, sweat, seaweed, paint or water! Just joking(or are we;-), we clean them up before we send them home!
  • When we say Custom, we mean custom! From name tags and shirts to food preferences and personalized gifts… by the end of it, we even know how your team takes their coffee!
  • Our goal is to take the burden off our plate. After our initial 2 hour meeting, we are typically ready to get going!
  • Those Pesky Budgets often get in the way, well, If you ask us our events are PRICELESS!!  And you definitely get what you pay for! Sure you can go out for a paint night or movie night on your own, but we want you to get a return on your investment!


  • Initial Consult and Design meeting

We take care of:

  • All the catering details
  • All materials and supplies
  • We professionally facilitate and lead your event or workshop
  • Post-event survey and wrap up
  • Event photos and video


  • Most events range from 2-5 hours for groups of 10-100 participants. We can accommodate up to 500 upon request.
  • We ensure that we pay attention to the physical ability of all participants and ensure that events are socially sensitive.
  • We typically start and end as a group. We debrief and hand out awards.
  • Each event has specific logistics involved. We work with you to ensure all the fine details are worked out from parking to passports!
By engaging leaders, creating clarity, and building confidence in the team, she can get buying in and dedication to always provide expert quality service.
Nadia Ali, Broker, REVEL Realty
The two words that are top of mind when describing Crystal are engaging and motivational.
Lianna Carlyle, PMP, CSM, Niagara Health Systems - Workforce Management & Compensation
Myteam is now on the path to success with confidence, clarity, and empowerment! They are equipped toensure that in everything they do, they see the customers point of view and they do what needs to bedone to create WOW moments over, and over again!
Najat Chioua, Owner at The Maids Home Services

So, What are you waiting for?

Let’s get your employees engaged and start Team Building today!

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Professional Coaching

In our experience coaching remains a high challenge and a top priority amongst SME. 60% of salespeople say they are more likely to leave their job because their manager is an ineffective coach. Leaders want to be great coaches, yet they don't have the time, and typically, coaching takes a back seat to an executive meeting.  
Recently, a fortune 500 firm reported that they had a 529% ROI on their initial professional coaching investment, not to mention significant intangible benefits to the business!
The Personal Management Association says that when they combined training and coaching for their team,  individuals in their organization increased productivity by 86% compared to 22% with training alone.
One last stat: 46% of Salespeople say that they crave coaching from their manager and it’s one of the BEST ways to learn. They say it makes them feel special and deepens their respect level for their leader! To be a great coach, you need to get great coaching! Let's get your started - Dive into our coaching programs!


  1. Hourly Personal Coaching  - recorded for your reference
  2. Listen in and ask questions on a LIVE monthly call with Crystal and other CX professionals.
  3. Experience simple, applicable teachings each month to accelerate your business and personal growth. Your team will love hearing all the exciting new things you are learning!
  4. Learn exciting new team building activities that you can use regularity and become the most liked person in the office!!
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Lady Leaders

"Your EX and CX need to be carefully designed; the same way Panina Torne deigns a Wedding gown. When you put that wedding gown on your employee or customer, do they light up with JOY? Do they have an Emotional Connection? Are they saying YES to the Dress?"

Crystal D'Cunha

CX Analysis

Based on the type of business, and the needs of our clients, we can provide a combination of video, pictures, voice recording, e-correspondence, social media correspondence, and written feedback.

The Inside View provides accurate, evidence-based client interaction details that allow company decision makers to experience their business as their clients would. We conduct 365-degree Customer Experience Shops (CXShop), better known as Mystery Shops for your business.

Some of the industries that highly value our service and are passionate about leadership development, employee engagement and customer experience are:

  • ‍Retailers
  • Restaurant
  • Hotels/Hospitality
  • Airlines/Travel/Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Home Builders/Trades
  • Experiences/Concerts/Sporting events
  • E-Commerce
  • Government/Education

We are here to strengthen your business – to provide peace of mind that your sales and service force is representing your brand and increasing profitability with the same passion, enthusiasm, and integrity as you and your stakeholders expect.

Our goal - to catch your team getting it right!

We are committed to taking a different approach to typical Mystery Shoppers. Our intention is to build confidence and pride in frontline staff that service customers. By catching them “getting it right” we can actively practice CPR - Consistent Positive Reinforcement! Our robust multimedia reporting system allows organizational leaders to analyze specific behaviours of the front-line staff that directly impact profitability in a positive way!  

  • What is one staff member doing that others should adopt?
  • How does that affect the Employee?
  • How does that affect the Customer Experience?
  • How does that affect the bottom line revenue?

These are all critical questions to ask when designing an outstanding Customer Experience. Our CXShops give organizations a bench mark on their current level of service. The Inside View develops professionals. As leaders and pioneers in our industry, we evaluate and coach the CX, ensuring your clients are receiving the service and salesmanship your company was built on. We coach you on how to deliver the information to your team and praise them for a job well done! The genuine praise and respect for your front line cultivates a culture of success. We help organizations make a shift in their focus and recognize that delivering great customer experiences is the responsibility of the entire organization, not just one department. The Inside View offers in-depth support designing leadership coaching skills, employee engagement, and customer experience around the results found from the CXShop.

Every department and, more importantly, every team member plays a significant role in how customers interact with the brand and they all have the responsibility to take a leadership role in delivering exceptional CX that will make the difference between your organization and your competition. We allow you and your team to be able to see this from the INSIDE!

This edge is what The Inside View believes is the difference between employees and passionate, engaged, professional experience engineers.

Our CX Shops Methodology

If those in charge praise hard, they can coach harder!
The Inside View will help you perfect your employees’ performance and develop “athletes” in your industry who will give your customers the ultimate experience.

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