In our experience coaching remains a high challenge and a top priority amongst SME. 60% of salespeople say they are more likely to leave their job because their manager is an ineffective coach. Leaders want to be great coaches, yet they don't have the time, and typically, coaching takes a back seat to an executive meeting.  
Recently, a fortune 500 firm reported that they had a 529% ROI on their initial professional coaching investment, not to mention significant intangible benefits to the business!
The Personal Management Association says that when they combined training and coaching for their team,  individuals in their organization increased productivity by 86% compared to 22% with training alone.
One last stat: 46% of Salespeople say that they crave coaching from their manager and it’s one of the BEST ways to learn. They say it makes them feel special and deepens their respect level for their leader! To be a great coach, you need to get great coaching! Let's get your started - Dive into our coaching programs!


  1. Hourly Personal Coaching  - recorded for your reference
  2. Listen in and ask questions on a LIVE monthly call with Crystal and other CX professionals.
  3. Experience simple, applicable teachings each month to accelerate your business and personal growth. Your team will love hearing all the exciting new things you are learning!
  4. Learn exciting new team building activities that you can use regularity and become the most liked person in the office!!
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