78% of employees are motivated if their job is appreciated and recognized!

Yet...75% of employees are not engaged at work! YES, 75%!!

3 out of every 4 of your teammates are not interested in the work they are doing.
Imagine how that affects your productivity, your company culture, and turn over! Can you imagine how much it costs you? A LOT.

Companies like yours often do employee surveys, but that too is not efficient. Typically they do them once or twice a year, and never really analyze the results, and 89% of the time they do not change a thing, because they don’t know how!

Office vibe allows us to get our finger on the pulse of the company culture.  It enables us to know exactly how our team is feeling and how we, as leaders can help!
We have seen many surveys, and this is like no other! It is the most straightforward survey for your team to take and your leaders to assess. 
Regular employee feedback leads to an 87%+ employee retention rate! In just 5 minutes a month, you will know exactly how your team is feeling, and what is going high and what needs improvement! 

By using short, pulse surveys, we get a very high response rate. The great thing about Office vibe is that you don't JUST get survey result, you get so much more!

Create your custom survey the is specifically geared towards your business
Tips and tricks to help you engage your frontline staff
Team building ideas
Warning signs so you can get ahead of the curve
Confidential comments that you can act on
Real-time results

Are You Ready...

To spice up your employee surveys and get real results?